Cutie Kittens - PRE ORDER

Brighten your day with this cutie group of cheeky cats! Evil, cutie, grumpy or alien, these cats are made for you (─‿‿─) Choose from six unique product types with them to find what fits you the most! Made for every kitty lover!

Join the preorder, get Free gifts!

Buy over 6000ft/17EUR  from any preorder item and you will  receive a free A5 size sticker sheet.

Buy over 10.000ft/28EUR  from any preorder item and you will receive a free 5mm button&A5 size sticker sweet.


Preorder starts February-26.

Preorder ends March:29.

I'll start making the items during the preorder period. And I'll start shipping it as soon as possible. Depending on your order's time and complexity, It may take one month to finish your pre-order item. You will receive your item by April 24. maximum (one month after the preorder ends). If you have any question, feel free to contact me